I am a Big Data and AWS Solutions Architect that provides business value by solving data problems. My past work experience has primarily consisted of architecting Big Data solutions, building out custom data engineering projects, and undertaking custom data science analysis for specific business needs.

For more information about the type of work that I do, take a look at some of the recent consulting engagements I have undertaken:

  • Architected a scalable, distributed Big Data system for an early-stage startup in the AWS cloud
  • Increased the efficiency of a Big Data pipeline by using machine learning to automate anomaly detection
  • Greatly improved the efficiency of a startup's analytics queries by architecting and migrating a data warehouse solution that leveraged Amazon Redshift
  • Enabled a company to answer oversight and compliance-related questions by undertaking a custom Data Science analysis of access logs as part of an auditing process
  • Enabled a company to deliver a valuable visual analytics solution to theirclients by architecting and building out a cloud-based data architecture and consumer-facing dashboard solution for a mid-size company.